Join Us At The New Counseling Center

Visiting us at the new counseling center is a brave choice when you are in need of care. You may need someone to talk to, and you need to make sure that you are doing all that you can to get the care that you need. You can talk to someone when you need help, and there is a range of services at the center that are targeted to you and your needs. For more information from a trustworthy counselor in your area with Narconon Fresh Start.

The Staff

You can meet out friendly and professional staff when you come in the first time. Our people are going to meet with you to get your personal information, and they will help you to set up your first appointment with a therapist or a group therapy session. The work that you do before you get started is going to help us to help you. You will learn more about yourself when you are getting started, and you will get to see all the counselors before you decide who you want to work with. You also have the option to ask for a referral and come to a specific counselor when you visit the center.Narconon Fresh Start

The Options

The options that you need for yourself go far beyond your appointments. You can come to your appointments when you have them scheduled, but you also have the option to come to other sessions that are hosted in the center. You can come to group therapy sessions that are hosted by the therapists at the center, and you will be able to come to any group that you believe meets your needs.

There are groups that meet for people with addictions or trauma. You can get into a group that is going to help you regardless of how you are feeling. There are people at the center that have been going to the same groups for years, and they will help you to come to terms with things that might trouble you. You will be in a position to talk with people that know what you are going through. This is something that people need when they are struggling. You can become friends with the people in the group, and you will learn how to manage your own care because you have people around you that understand you.

The counseling center has GA and AA meetings that you can attend, and the staff is able to help you get ready to live your life. They are going to how you a better way to live, and they are going to learn about you so that they can help you live a more fulfilling life.