Designer fashion scarves and saris; the trendy attires you need to spice up your wear

In the last few years, the fashion industry has evolved from Western and modern clothing to traditional wears. Gone are the days when classic plain dresses and gowns could make you the belle of the ball. Fashionable saris/ka-sha, designer scarves, ka-shas and lehenga cholis are now the in thing. The challenge that arises is that there are thousands of common designs of scarves and saris retailing in different stalls. This is where designer scarves and saris come in.

Why designer?

To start with, designer scarves are unique. Normal scarves and saris have the same patterns of decorations, Semi precious stones repeated in thousands of designs with only slight variations. Donning one of them is an equivalent of being one of the zebras in the herd. On the other hand, designer fashion scarves and saris showcase captivating designs; from artistic decorations and embroidery to enchanting floral patterns. Also, designers have better material quality and stitching making it feel better on the skin and also last longer.

Designer saris; the fusion of classic and modern design

This traditional Indian dress is much more than a drape. The attire comes in different designs that suit every occasion. Designers have added a few elegant touches such as alluring floral and digital prints, or toning of edges making it a must-have attire.

Amongst the various types of saris, the half and half sari stands out. This two-piece sari showcases its elegance with a combination of two colors and even patterns making it an eye-catching wonder. It is perfect for evening events and has been showcased at red carpet events by several celebrities. The classic sari gown is another that never falls out. A few fashionable add-ons and modifications keep it trendy.

Designer scarves; an easy way of spicing up ordinary outfits

The beauty of scarves is that they can transform a very basic wear to a completely elegant and fashionable outfit. The effect is much more pronounced when using designer scarves. they are like power accessories that match well with almost any attires. Currently, designer scarves have complex artistic patterns and prints which do a good job of styling up an outfit. To add on to it, these scarves are made using different materials to suit all kinds of weather.

In short, the best way to spice up your dressing is by incorporating some elements of traditional wear into your dress code. Though common designs work is satisfactory, designer Nida Mahmood fashion scarves and saris are a much better option as they are elegant and unique. You may have to part with a little more than usual, but trust me, every extra penny will instantly pay off once you feel the smooth scarf on your skin while your gorgeous sari turns heads on the streets.